Justina - 2019-07-30 07:03

CYT tyres are finally here!

CYT - Chaoyang Tires - best on the market?

Chaoyang Tires (CYT) are now available in our store in all standard sizes (14" @14x2.125, 16" @16x2.125 and 18" @18x2.50). Many of you have asked us about whether and when we will introduce products of this company, which is why we decided to introduce CYT products to our offer.

You all pointed out the main advantages of CYT products: reliability, longevity and most importantly - durability, due to eBike design in mind.

As a matter of fact, KingSong - one of the largest manufacturers of electric unicycles - currently also uses CYT tyres in new KS models, giving up the previously used Kenda tires.

Additionally, Chaoyang eBike tyres offer a very good traction, thanks to a special rubber compound. The most important fact for many professional riders is that they have low rolling resistance, which affects the comfort of driving. An additional advantage of these tires is the tread, which facilitates better drainage of water.

As a bonus, CYT tyres are neutral when it comes to storage - they're almost odourless in comparison to other major brands on the market.

eBike Desing - better durability!

CYT tires have got additional reinforcements dedicated to electric vehicles in their eBike series. Even under heavy load, the pressure resistance has also been increased thanks to the Dual Layer system. In short, the tyres contain two layers of special rubber-mix, which offers better durability and puncture prevention.

By the way - we've also got CYT inner tubes in all sizes - check out our store!

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