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KingSong KS-18L / KS-18XL Original-Ladegerät für doppeltes Laden, doppeltes Laden und schnelles Laden - Europlug (Type C)

  • » Farbe: Black
  • » For KingSong KS-18L and KS-18XL
  • » Original, certified charger
  • » Use for twin charging or alone
  • » Input: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz 2.5A
  • » Output: DC 84.0V - 1.5A
  • » Europlug (Type C)

This is the original charger that is included with KingSong KS-18L and KS-18XL unicycles.
It passed all required safety certification. It is officially approved by KingSong to use in Twin/Dual mode (connecting two chargers simultaneously, to separate charging ports), allowing fast charging in supported models (currently KingSong KS-18L and KS-18XL only). 

Attention: do not use this charger in other KingSong models or other electric unicycles, as it may lead to damage and injury.
Use only with KingSong KS-18L and KingSong KS-18XL models. 

By purchasing this product, you can be sure it is compatible with KingSong KS-18L / KS-18XL models.
Do not use any non-original or not-approved chargers for charging, and do not connect two different chargers in dual mode, as it voids the unicycle warranty and may lead to overheat, battery damage, short circuit and injury and/or accident in consequence. 

The final product may look a little different than on the photos (depending on production batch etc.), but the specification, certification, function and origin remains the same.

Das Set enthält:

  • » Original charger x 1
  • » Europlug (Type C) cable x 1
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Charger for KS-18L/XL - Euro Foto
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Technische Spezifikation

Modell:Charger for KS-18L/XL - Euro
Condition:BRAND NEW, original - from the manufacturer
Compatibility:KingSong KS-18L, KingSong KS-18XL
Input:100-240V AC, 50/60Hz, 2.5A Max
Output:DC 84.0V, 1.5A
Plug:Europlug (Type C) cable included. Search our store for other plugs
Operation:Red light means charging, green light means fully charged or disconnected.
Use scenarios:Use alone (connect to any of the charging ports of the unicycle) or in Twin Mode (connect two identical chargers, each to separate charging port)
Fast charging:Available in Twin Mode / Dual Charging (second, identical charger is required)
Precautions:Do not open. Do not use together with different charger. Do not use for charging other products than described above. Do not use together with any 3rd-party charging accessories or adapters (charge doctor etc.). Do not use in electrical installations not matching the specification. Keep away from water. Keep away from children and animals. Do not leave it in the outlet overnight. Do not leave it in the outlet in non-monitored location. Do not leave it in the outlet for more than 10 hours. Do not use when damaged (no light and/or not charging and/or making clicky noise etc.).
Origin:Made in China for KingSong


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